Upcycling is on the up down at the farm!

At Enablement Ark we make use of so many materials which would otherwise go to landfill or simply be dumped. And our animals and service users are very grateful!

Old tyres, pallets, tree branches …. Who says it’s rubbish?

Here at Enablement Ark we have been using old tyres to provide a ‘dish’ for the hay in the goat enclosure. They also love to climb on top of the tyres when we pile them up. Goats are naturally skilled climbers – did you know this? They are curious and active animals so climbing and balancing can be a form of play and exercise as well as survival.

Yum, yum! Lots of hay on offer from tyres that would have been thrown away
Our goats love to balance on disused pallets

With donated old pallets, we have been able to make shelving and along with tree branches, our volunteers and service users have created perches for our chickens.

Disused pallets keeping some of our library of books in order
Our chickens love our home-made perches

For more information about services offered to young people with additional needs at Enablement Ark, please email us on enablementark@challengect.co.uk