Enablement Ark

The Enablement Ark logo has the words 'Enablement Ark' in purple writing at the top, an ark shaped boat in the middle, with a barn, tree and people on it. Under the boat picture are the words 'a place to grow'

Our Timetable

Welcome to Enablement Ark!

We are a care farm based in Old Whittington, North Chesterfield and we are linked to our wider community-based service that offers bespoke packages to individuals with complex needs who don’t fit into the standard packages of support.

The picture shows the entrance gate to Enablement Ark. The gate is wide and mental and has an Enablement Ark purple and green sign on the front. Beyond the gate is the driveway that curves around to the right. The driveway has grassy banks and a tall wooden fence to the left.
This is our gate. You come through here when you arrive.
This is a picture of the duck coop, it is a rectangular coop made from dark wood and wire fencing mesh to give the ducks lots of light and fresh air. There are three runner ducks in the picture at the far end of the coop. Just in front of the ducks, between the viewer and the duck it a small swimming pool with a walkway up the side for the ducks to get into the water easily. There is some straw on the floor.
This is the duck coop.

Enablement Ark is based on a small holding, where we support individuals to build on their workplace skills, life skills, confidence and mental health needs in a therapeutic outdoor setting. We have a variety of rescue animals to care for, extensive grounds to work on, and an enclosed garden for growing food. All service users are encouraged to build on their skills and follow their interests in whichever areas they enjoy.

The picture shows the inside of the barn, the barn is made from brick and wood. Shown in the picture is an area for small animals edged with rectangular bales of hay, giving the animals a safe space in the middle. At the front of the picture there is also a small metal fence enclosure lined with straw.
This is the barn. Our small animals live in here.

We enjoy participating in craft activities, building and wildlife projects once the animals have been taken care of for the day. We also have lots of equipment to encourage sensory integration, emotional regulation and a good understanding of how to keep calm and respond appropriately to our feelings. We have a specialist support team who are trained to work with individuals with complex needs such as:

Mental Health Needs
Sensory Needs

If this is something you are interested in, please get in touch at enablementark@challengect.co.uk for more information.

Our referral form can be found here: https://forms.office.com/e/YyxpeThfKp