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A Family Business

Tracey & Michael Green & Children

Tracey Green, Director, ASC Consultant and Responsible Individual

Tracey has over twenty years of experience within the sector, twelve of those years being in care management.  Tracey is up to date with the current legislation and her responsibilities in this area and has 12 years of experience managing a staff team and providing the required amount of supervision, support and training that is required.

Tracey also has experience across a wide range of disabilities and the support and treatment required to keep service users safe and well.  Consulting with multidisciplinary teams to best manage individual cases and working with a variety of professionals to deliver person-centred care and well-being packages.  In the last two years, Tracey has been working with children and young people in their homes and within educational placements to provide consultancy and support with behaviour management strategies and independent living skills. 

Tracey is qualified to Bphil honours level in Autism and is currently undertaking a master’s degree in Autism Education at Sheffield Hallam University.  She also has qualifications in healthcare management and training.

Mr. Michael Green, Director responsible for finance and property

Michael has worked as a design engineer in mechanical tooling for 30 years.  He has established his own business in this area which has now been operating for 17 years. 

Michael does not involve himself as a Director in the Company product of health and social care provision but is involved at an equal level in all financial and operational decision-making.

CCT Community Enablement Team Ltd Structure

Tracey Green, Director | Michael Green, Finance & Property Director
Janet Wynn, Operations Quality Audit Lead
April Parker, Operations Lead
Nicky King, Registered Manager, Community Enablement Team
Bernice Taylor, Finance & Sustainability Lead
Kerrie Weaver, Trainer
Nina Morton, Administrator
Team Leaders (CET)(EA) / Senior Care (EC)
Premises Team
Support Staff

Janet Wynn, Operations Quality Audit Lead

Janet Wynn

I am the organisation’s Quality Audit Lead. I am responsible for visiting all sites weekly and carrying out spot audits on quality.  This is to ensure we maintain high standards as a company and work together to produce an outstanding and safe service. From the outcomes of the audits, managers will receive an action plan if required to support them to put in place what is needed.

April Parker, Operations Lead

April Parker

In my role as Registered Manager, I have a duty to provide an excellent standard of care to the service users within the community. This is delivered through a well-trained staff team who work efficiently to promote excellent standards of care.

I also have a responsibility to engage with external professionals in order to maintain an excellent level of communication regarding service users and to grow the business at a steady pace to ensure our standards are maintained.

Bernice Taylor, Business and Sustainability Lead

Bernice Taylor

In my role as Finance and Sustainability Lead, every day is different. Whilst the Finance part of my role is about keeping the financial side of the business running smoothly, the sustainability part is about making sure the business is self-sustainable and helping the business to become more environmentally friendly and improving our community impact.  

I have always had a passion for numbers and this has led me in my professional life to work in finance. Whilst I come from a financial background, working in finance in the care industry has been different but extremely enjoyable and rewarding. 

Sustainability is important to me both personally and professionally. Whilst all businesses aim to be self-sustainable, I believe it is important that businesses are also aware of their environmental impact and work towards reducing their carbon footprint and improving their local communities. CCT Community Enablement Team Ltd recognise this and we are working towards a more sustainable future for the business and our community.

Kerrie Weaver, Trainer

Kerrie has a background in care that spans over 22 years, from working as a Care Giver to Registered Manager.

Her wealth of experience lead her to begin supporting Care Givers with their induction initially, where she realised her love of sharing her experience and helping people learn. Kerrie took the lead role in managing all training within her previous employment as Registered Manager.

Kerrie has been employed by Challenge CT since March 2022 and is enjoying sharing her knowledge and supporting new and experienced Care Givers to attain their Care Certificates. Kerrie’s favourite subject to train is Dementia due to her passion for ensuring Care Givers, have a sound understanding of how their actions can impact the well-being of a person living with the disease.

Kerrie believes that quality training is where quality care begins.

I have worked within the healthcare sector for the past 27 years starting back in 1995 as a laundry assistant, it was not long before I felt I would be better suited to a role as a care assistant. I have always had a warm nature myself and felt very passionate about making those whom I cared for happy. I have experienced many job roles within the healthcare sector, I have been a Care Assistant, a Senior Carer, and a Student Nurse. I have also worked as a Domestic Assistant and as an Activity Coordinator.

I have looked after individuals with physical frailties, mental health conditions (this includes acute) and learning disabilities whether this is within a residential setting, hospital, or nursing.

I feel this experience has given me extensive knowledge to manage this service safely and effectively.

Working at Enablement Care is wonderful. The staff are warm, welcoming, and very professional. I feel very proud to manage such a wonderful team. Their passion and pride are evident and as a team, they strive to make a positive difference in our residents’ lives.