Challenge Consultancy and Training

Challenge Consultancy and Training Ltd specialise in providing training to all who work within the complex area of providing health care and support for individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

Ranging from supporting young children and their families within their home environment, teaching parents skills to manage their child’s complex needs and providing learning and support for siblings to enable them to cope with the difficulties they face in everyday life; to training staff and management teams within professional organisations to provide a service dedicated to the specialist needs of individuals with autistic spectrum disorder and associated complex needs.

Children with ASD at Home or in Care
When a child is diagnosed with ASD it can be very difficult to obtain the right help and support from the start. However, the start is the crucial time to develop ones understanding of the specialist condition and to teach the child strategies to enable them to cope. Challenge recognises that families, education facilities and child care placements can lack resources to provide the necessary training and support that is required to enable the child to develop and progress. Families often feel ill equipped and services that are available do not always have the answers or the support to offer. Challenge fills this void and works with families, education and care placements to provide the necessary training and support mechanisms to allow the child to flourish and the family to function within normal constraints.

Schools and Colleges
Challenge Consultancy & Training Ltd trains with main stream and specialist schools, specifically in P.H.S.E and Sex and Relationship Education but also is able to supply specific training on subjects that may be a learning need for the staff team or parent/ carers of the children, i.e. P.D.A, Complex and Challenging Behaviours.

An accredited distance learning package on Level 2 Autistic Spectrum Conditions is available with built in tutorial time and a taught course for further education establishments to buy in to for their staff teams.

Parent Groups and Charity Based Projects
Challenge Consultancy & Training Ltd regularly provide training and workshops for parent groups and charity based projects to support with strategies for their children and young people and the home environment. Parents and carers find the session valuable in gaining further information and having the opportunity to ask questions and talk about their difficulties as they wish. Very often the training and workshops cover sex and education relationships including puberty and cyber safety, complex and challenging behaviour and communication strategies, however, courses can be developed to meet the needs of the group.

Public Services
Challenge Consultancy and Training Ltd specialise in the needs and rights of the individual with autistic spectrum disorder and the criminal justice system. Training packages are available to public services:

  • Police
  • Forensic services
  • Probation
  • Secure services

This enables the individual with ASD to be answerable for their actions in a fair and appropriate manner which allows them to take responsibility where capacity allows. Simple procedures can be put in place to enable the process of the criminal justice system, allowing for specialist interviewing techniques, literal thinking and the understanding of rights, managing anxieties around confusion and frustration due to lack of insight from the individual and more commonly the individual being identified as someone with complex needs from the start of the process after a crime has been committed to continued support from probationary, forensic and secure services.

Health and Social Care for Young People and Adults with ASD
Challenge develops unique training packages tailored to the needs of the individual or the service. Specialist services find this resource invaluable when faced with new challenges or when placements are starting to break down due to changes in the individual’s mental health and presentation. Challenge will provide group training to the staff team , key worker training for management that requires specific intervention and training for the individual to enable them to learn new coping strategies and necessary life skills to move forward.

All services require general awareness training on the specialist area that they work within to enable them to operate safely and to be at the forefront of new research and new ideas of where their business needs to progress to meet demand. Challenge develops training packages to meet the needs of the staff team and will refresh this annually to meet on going requirements. A comprehensive management training package will enable the service to progress or maintain a compliant service by providing specialist training on the current service user group, creating first class person centred plans, policies and procedure and exploring new ideas for development taking into account current demand and future pathways within their specialism.

An accredited distance learning package on Level 2 Autistic Spectrum Conditions is available with built in tutorial time and a taught course for health and social care establishments to buy in to for their staff teams.

Should you require any further information on training or to book a session please contact Tracey Green on 07528 261591 or email

An example of training programme content can be found on the website.