Staff Spotlight – Nicky King

We thought getting to know our staff and their job roles would be a lovely idea. We have an incredibly professional and motivated team that inspires us daily. Next up in our ‘meet our staff’ series is Nicky King from Community Enablement Team and Enablement Care.

Nicky King. Registered Manager of Enablement Care and Community Enablement Team.

Q. What is your role with Community Enablement Team and Enablement Care?
Registered Manager of both Enablement Care and Community Enablement Team.

Q. How long have you been working in care, and how did you get into it?
I started working in care eight years ago. I spoke to a friend who had always worked in care, and she told me I would be great in a care role, so I plucked up the courage to change my career path. I have never looked back; it was the best decision ever!

Q. What does the future hold for you? Do you have an area of special interest?
The future is full of positives and much more hard work and studying.

Q. What is your favourite part of your job?
Interacting with the service users and knowing that you have made a difference in their lives somehow or in some way. Working alongside staff and helping and guiding where I can.

Q. What’s the worst part of your job?
That is a difficult one; I would only say that sometimes the hours can be very long, but sometimes it is needed to ensure everyone is happy.

Q. Do you have a funny story to tell?
Most recently, I was talking to a resident; she asked where I was going – I told her I was going out to work in the community, to which she replied, “You’re like dog s**t you get everywhere.” That really made me laugh!

Q. What’s your superpower? I’m pretty sure all carers have one.
I think I am a bubbly person, and I always try to get people to sing and dance with me, no matter where we are, and they do so. I think my superpower name should be Dancing Queen.

This is a picture of me in Mexico, where I achieved my lifelong dream of swimming with dolphins; it was the most beautiful experience ever!

Q. What do you think is unique about Community Enablement Team?
It allows our service users to live their best lives, enjoying time doing what makes them happy. Whether that is maintaining their bills and household chores or going to the seaside, disco or archery, there is nothing our team will not be happy to support with.

Alpaca walking with a service user.

Q. What advice would you give anyone just beginning their caring career?
Take each day as it comes; no two days are the same. That is the best part of the role.
It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. Being a carer means that no working day will be the same.
You need to take care of yourself; remember to be patient; everyone is an individual.
Don’t forget to enjoy yourself; this passes on to the service user.
Feel free to ask questions and learn from your mistakes.
Build a relationship! That is the most important aspect of care.

Q. What do you think of the training facilities at CET?
We have exceptional in-house training and have recently moved onto an e-learning programme, allowing everyone to learn as many new parts of care as possible.

Q. What would you be doing if you weren’t working in care?
I would probably still be working in the accounts department of the family business that my husband has built up.

Q. What’s your favourite activity outside of work?
I am a massive Liverpool FC fan, travelling all of England and  Europe to watch them. When I am not at work, I ensure I get to as many matches as possible!

I was in Paris for the European Cup Final and got a picture with the great Dirk Kuyt!!


We have a fabulous opportunity for a new cook to join our friendly 23-bed care home in Sutton in Ashfield. Please find the job details below, send your CV to to begin the application process.

3 days per week including alternate weekends, £9.89 per hour

Ideally with Food Hygiene Level 2.

For more information please email

  1. Scope and purpose
    To work as a member of the kitchen team promoting a caring and enabling relationship with service users and providing a safe stimulating and healthy environment to live in.
  2. Line management
    Responsible in the first instance to the Care Manager.
  3. Key Responsibilities
  • Prepare, cook and present food efficiently, meeting our standards.
  • Always working in ways that promote the resident’s rights, privacy, dignity, choices, and independence.
  • To maintain a clean, safe environment for the preparation and consumption of food.
  • Provide practical support and emotional encouragement to enable residents to participate in the planning, preparation, and making of their meals at Enablement Care.
  • Ensure the residents get a varied and healthy diet and food choices always maintaining their own personal choices, likes and dislikes.
  • To participate in the creation of menus taking into account seasons, choices, and stock
  • To communicate relevant resident information to colleagues.
  • To understand the issues of resident information confidentiality.
  • To be capable and confident in filling in paperwork both in relation to residents and the environment
  • To be able to monitor and record calorie consumption.
  • To work in accordance with the Enablement Care Policies and Procedures.
  • To attend and participate in work-related statutory training, to update skills and care practice and self-development through further study, courses, and supervision. Maintaining personal knowledge by completing in­house training and workbooks.
  • Work safely around kitchen equipment and report any maintenance issues to the manager.
  • To be active and enabling during staff and resident meetings. Suggesting ideas to improve the service offered by Enablement Care and developing them.
  • To promote communication with other members of staff, residents, and others in enhancing the reputation of Enablement Care.
  • To take responsibility/follow instructions for implementing emergency procedures and to promote safety compliance.
  • To protect all residents from physical and psychological abuse.
  • Always working in ways that promote the resident’s rights, privacy, dignity, choices, and independence.
  • All staff are responsible for protecting themselves and others against an infection risk.
  • All staff regardless of whether clinical or not are expected to comply with current infection control policies and procedures and to report any problems with regard to this to the manager.
  • All staff undertaking patient care activities should attend infection control training and updates as required by this organization.

Becca’s Life Skills Academy on YouTube

Due to Coronavirus, Becca, our Specialist Provision Lead hasn’t been able to get out and about as she normally would. For the past couple of months, Becca has been creating a brilliant and easy to understand collection of life skill video’s.

Becca’s Life Skills Academy can help with doing things around the house, cooking, cleaning, managing money, understanding our feelings and much more.

Email if you would like to be added to the mailing list for the Life Skills Academy!

You can find Becca’s Life Skills Academy on the CCT Community Enablement Team YouTube channel here.