Community Support

CCT Community Enablement Team has progressed throughout the last few years to provide a comprehensive and person-centred service for both adults and children in the community in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire area.

Here at CCT Community Enablement Team, we believe in agreeing on contracts that suit the needs of the individual service user promotes a person-centred approach. To support this we aim to promote a  minimum of a one hour call to allow time for a dignified and choice led session.

Our support offers unique and innovative approaches to support in the community. We pride ourselves on being bespoke and offering flexible ways of supporting both adults and children.

Bespoke Residential Care

Enablement Care offers bespoke residential care for older people, dementia care, physical disability, and mental health. The service is registered for adults and older people, providing a stimulating and meaningful service that promotes independence, self-motivation, and self-worth through focussed activity led by imagination, aspiration and utilising the skill sets, knowledge, and experience of our service user collective Enablement Care aims to ‘do with’ our service users rather than ‘do for them’, this is reflected in their person-centred support plans.

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