Charity Event Support!!

Here at CCT Community Enablement Team, we are very proud to support the Triple A Performer charity. They have an amazing showcase event planned for the 12th of March 2023 that we are very much looking forward to.

Here’s the information about the event…

Charity event highlights unfair challenges faced by neurodivergent performers

Diagnosed with autism, ADHD, and anxiety (Triple A), Joseph Green, now 17, was considered a problem child within a broken education system. Following his passion for performing arts, he faced numerous rejections at auditions due to a lack of knowledge about his invisible disabilities. Many would have given up. Not Joseph Green; he is determined to make a difference. He has worked with others to set up a charity called Triple A Performer which aims to raise awareness and acceptance of neurodivergence in performing arts. On 12th March 2023, the eve of the start of Neurodiversity Celebration Week, the charity will be putting on their showcase launch event at Sheffield’s City Hall which will include a number of neurodivergent performers. The event will showcase the talent amongst neurodivergent creatives as well as illustrate how straightforward inclusion for all can be.

Aged five, Joseph attended a local musical theatre school, Chesterfield Studios. They put up no barriers and took him into their fold. Step by step they rebuilt his confidence and self-esteem through musical theatre and acting. Although battles continued in the background, he was accepted for being himself, he made friends, and flourished.

‘Since meeting and working with Joseph over the past 12 years, we have learned so much about working with neurodivergent young people. We have been able to develop our own skills and working practices such as considering our rehearsal space to reduce sensory overload, providing information in different formats and using quiet spaces. We have seen for ourselves how this has supported Joseph’s own personal development as a performer.’
Jonathan Francis, artistic director, Chesterfield Studios Ltd

It soon became clear however that outside of his local theatre school, the performing arts sector wasn’t quite so accepting of the Triple A boy. Joseph received so many rejections at auditions. He was told he was a good actor but the other kid would be easier to work with. At one successful audition, he was asked not to disclose his disability as people wouldn’t understand. One theatre school had a blanket policy of separating out the disabled children’s audition forms so that the correct percentage could be accepted to tick a box.

Determined not to accept the invisible barrier between him and the performing arts industry, Joseph worked with his mum on a blog highlighting his experiences to inform others about the frustration and unfair challenges faced. This ultimately led to the formation of the charity, Triple A Performer, in December 2021.

The charity is going from strength to strength and has already produced educational films, teaching professionals, and amateur theatre schools to improve their access for neurodivergent performers. Joseph and the charity’s trustees have spoken at national and regional conferences and rallied support from Spotlight, Cameron Mackintosh Ltd, Casting Directors Guild, Divergent Talent Group, Music Mark, and various high-profile casting directors and agents. The message is clear. Supporting neurodivergent creatives with understanding and consideration enables them access to the industry, unlocking a huge pool of talent.

On March 12th 2023, Joseph will be proud to be on stage at the charity’s showcase event at Sheffield City Hall. He will be one of a number of talented neurodivergent performers along with the hugely supportive Chesterfield Studios and friends from Sheffield Performing Arts. The impressive line-up includes:

Madeleine MacMahon, comedienne

Maxwell Thorpe, ITV1’s Britain’s Got Talent finalist

Robert White, comedian, ITV1’s Britain’s Got Talent finalist

Rachel Modest, singer, ITV1’s The Voice semi-finalist

Joseph and the charity’s trustees hope there will be considerable support for the show and for their aims to raise awareness and acceptance of neurodivergence. All profit goes back into the charity to allow them to continue their important work.

About Triple A Performer

Founded in December 2021, the charity’s aims are to raise awareness and understanding of neurodivergence in performing arts. Neurodivergence includes a range of neurological conditions that vary the way in which someone learns, attends, communicates and interacts. This includes autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, dyslexia, etc. The charity offers free resources and training in neurodivergence within the performing arts sector to support fair access and inclusion. For further information, please visit Tickets for the Showcase Launch on 12.3.23 are available via Ticketmaster :